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Welcome to the Civano Homeowners' Website!




Cadden Community Management and Civano 1 HOA offices will be closed

Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th for Thanksgiving.

We will resume our usual office hours on Monday, November 30th.


DRAFT 3rd Amended & Restated Bylaws for Civano 1

Click link below to review the proposed changes to the Third Amended & Restated Bylaws for Civano 1.

   Attached is a "redline" showing the changes from Second Amended & Restated Bylaws to the proposed Third Amended & Restated Bylaws.
Bylaws November 2015 version




Volunteers needed for the CCAA (Common Areas Committee)

& DRC (Design Review Committee.)

If interested please send an email to the HOA office at hoa@civano1.com.


Civano 1 HOA Office Hours have been
Reduced due to staffing until further notice.

We are requesting that you call and make an appointment with Management if you come to the office and can not reach us.
Please leave your name and number and we will call you back to set up an appointment time. (520)546-3862 or (hoa@civano1.com)


If you rent your home out

Pursuant to the Civano 1 Neighborhood 1 Homeowners Association Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) Leases.  If an Owner leases his/her lot, the Owner shall give the Association, in writing, the name of the Tenant of the Lot and such other information as the Association may reasonably require.

Click here to view (CC&Rs) 5.3.2 Leases.

Please forward your tenant’s contact information to the HOA as required by your governing documents. Information will be kept on file and used for emergency purposes only. As an owner in Civano, you are responsible for maintaining current tenant information on file at the Civano HOA Office.

Please e-mail the HOA office at hoa@civano1.com


2013 Reserve Study

Civano Exec Summary, CN1 rpt pt 1, CN1 rpt Pt 2

(click on links to see reports.)

What is a Reserve Study?  click here for information

Reserve Study Presentation given on 05/28/13 with notes. Presentation& NotesOnPresentation


It is important the Association office have the

most accurate mailing list possible. 

If you have changed addresses recently, please notify the Association

office.  Please e-mail the HOA office at hoa@civano1.com. 


Approved Decomposed Granite for Civano 1 HOA

Decomposed Granite approved 05/17/2011 for Civano 1

DG Tuscany Gold, Desert Gold and Santa Fe Gold

in sizes ¾ down to ½ minus screened.


Acts of Vandalism to Civano 1 HOA areas

HOA Board of Directors has authorized a $1000 reward for the ARREST AND CONVICTION OF PERSON/PERSONS committing acts of vandalism. 

It has been reported by some homeowners that a person/persons has been vandalizing Civano common areas.   

Please report to the police department any mischievous activity at either 911 or the Non-emergency number: 520-791-4444.  It is recommended that you also contact the HOA office with a description of person/persons and the event that occurred after contacting the police. 



NSF fees are $35.00 per occurrence billable to homeowners account. 



Before all the bulletin boards could even be installed, some people are not following the rules and putting inappropriate material on the bulletin boards.  As a reminder here are the rules, please take note and if you have questions please call the HOA Office for clarification.  These boards are intended to inform (garage sale, HOA function, treadmill for sale) and alert (lost cat, patio furniture stolen, etc).  Political endorsements, obscene materials, and commercial ads unrelated to Civano or its residents are a few examples of prohibited items.  If you notice inappropriate materials please remove them.

  • Notices must include; Name, address (or lot #) and date posted.
  • Posted notices will be removed after 14 days. Notices can be renewed by posting a fresh copy.
  • Only tape (scotch or masking) should be used to post notices. Notices should be no larger than 8.5W by 5.5L in size. 
  • Please make sure the cover latch is secure.
  • Please report any vandalism to the Civano HOA office,  546-3862.



Board Resolution - CASITAS

The Board of Directors signed a resolution to allow Homeowners with casitas to rent the dwelling separately from the main house.  Prior to this resolution, the CC&Rs allowed only for the entire parcel to be leased and did not allow a Homeowner to rent a casita or over garage apartment as a separate dwelling.  There are rules and restrictions regarding this variance.  

To apply for a variance for your casita fill out the request form and return it to the HOA Office.  The variance is permanent and runs with the land so even if your home is sold, the buyer does not need to re-apply.


Lost and Found

Just a reminder, if you lose something while out and about in

our lovely community, give the HOA Office a call and check to see if someone happened to turned it in. By the same token, if you find a

lost article, please turn it in to the HOA Office. 

The item's owner may be looking for it!


Board of Directors


President Bob Small 

                             Vice President Rick Hanson                         

Secretary Andy Delgardo-Keller

Treasurer Chris Shipley


Les Shipley

Richard Poyner

Carolyn Finnell




There have been some recent issues where Homeowners have approached Board Members or Committee Members directly seeking HOA action.  In September of 2007, the Board of Directors made a motion that passed unanimously to set the proper protocol for Civano residents to make contact with the HOA, Board, and its Committees and it reads as follows:

  • Protocol for Contacting the HOA and/or Board of Directors

There is only one protocol for contacting the HOA. If a homeowner has a problem or wants to get a message out to the Board Members, they shall no longer send information directly to individual Board Members. New protocol that will be strictly enforced is that all communications must go through The Manager’s Office.

MOTION:         To make the protocol that all information must first to go through the Manager. Motion was seconded. Discussion ensued.  Motion passed unanimously.

The reason that the Board put this policy in place is so that information could be properly disseminated and followed through. 

There are many ways to contact the HOA and Homeowners are welcome and encouraged to use the method they are most comfortable with.

PHONE:  520-546-3862 

                 AFTER HOURS PHONE:  520-297-0797/Urgent Matters Only

FAX:  520-546-6795

E-MAIL:  hoa@civano1.com

US MAIL:  10501 E. Seven Generations Way

                   Suite 109

                   Tucson, AZ  85747

DROP OFF:  @ On Site Manager's Office

                        Suite 109, Activity Center

                        Located in the Rotunda building



8:30 A.M. -- 4:30 P.M.

Open late on Wednesday's until 6:30 P.M.




Getting on the HOA Board Agenda

Issues that need to be addressed as official agenda items must be turned in to the HOA Management office one week prior to the Board Meeting.  There is an open forum where Homeowners can address brief items, but for items that need to be discussed at length or for issues that have accompanying documentation or would require a vote of the Board, a one (1) week prior submission is required. 

So if you have an issue that will take up a significant amount of time, or requires that Board Members review related documentation, please turn in agenda items one week in advance of a Board meeting. Items received less than one week in advance of a Board meeting cannot be added to the Board agenda.   If you have questions, call the HOA Office at 546-3862.


Upcoming Events

Executive (Closed)

Board Meeting





Civano Office

Closed Session

Board members only.

HOA Board Meeting







Open Meeting.

Residents Welcome!

Design Review Committee Meeting







DRC Submittals deadline is the 30th of every month.  Open Meeting.

Residents Welcome!

2nd Thursday of every month

Nominations & Elections Committee





Open Meeting.

Residents Welcome!









Open Meeting.

Residents Welcome! 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Finance Committee





Open Meeting.

Residents Welcome!

Be sure to check the HOA calendar for other events and community activities.


Click on the item(s) below for more information on:

Board of Directors

Design Review Committee
CC&R Committee
Events Committee
Parks and Garden Committee
Community Garden Committee
For the next meeting check the Calendar

If you want to learn more about your Association, or you volunteer to pitch in, contact the HOA Office.